James May’s Cars of the People

“Top Gear” star James May knows about cars. In this series, he explores the history of that transportation method, beginning with how people first got their vehicles. His findings show that design brilliance, abject failure, war, and fraud shaped early days of the industry in places like Germany and Britain. The host spotlights microcars, automotive rivalries, and the development of modern machines as he reveals “the ultimate people’s car,” which is his choice for the greatest vehicle in automobile history.

It was free on Amazon Prime but alas no more.

Strength Through Joy – Wikipediaen.wikipedia.org › wiki › Strength_Through_Joy

Kraft durch Freude was a state-operated leisure organization in Nazi Germany. It was a part of … The KdF’s most ambitious programme for German workers was to set up production of an affordable car, the “KdF-Wagen”, which later became the Volkswagen Beetle (“Volkswagen” being German for “People’s Car”).

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